Reiki Classes

Welcome to Happie Soul's Reiki Training Association

Reiki is a never ending, always expanding oneness with the Universe's loving and healing energies. We are blessed to be able to learn how to use this energy for healing of mind, body and spirit, as well as connecting with others who vibrate on a higher frequency.

As we evolve, we are faced with more complex life challenges and knowing we have the ability to navigate with support from the Universe brings a peace to our lives we cannot sometimes explain.

I am blessed to be able to share this knowledge with our brothers and sisters of the world, to aid in all levels of healing, and to make our connection stronger.

Our souls are waiting to evolve.

Classes can be taught via ZOOM or In-Person. If you have a preference, please let me know. I also will travel to your location if you'd like to host a class.

Cristina includes Intuitive Coaching in her classes creating a very unique healing experience for her students.

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This class is for anyone interested in learning Reiki healing. No prior experience required.

This class is for those who are guided to continue their Reiki journey, expand healing, and/or to begin their own practice.

This class is open to anyone with any type of prior Reiki class experience.

This class is the next level for any Reiki Master. The healing experience is deep and life-changing.

Learn how to use Reiki for manifestation!

Galactic Matrix Healing™

This Attunement/Upgrade is for those interested in a higher, more powerful level of healing. It is suggested the student be upgraded to Holy Fire III Reiki Master prior to taking this class.